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Service expansion plan

In the coming months, we will be expanding sc0red to serve more functional areas. Initially starting with industries that serve the offices of the CIO and CTO, we will soon be expanding to all professional services industries.
Please contact us if you have a request to add an industry!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many industries does sc0red currently support?

Currently, sc0red specializes in the Software Engineering industry, providing unparalleled insights and assessments. Excitingly, we are actively expanding our expertise to include a variety of other industries soon, aiming to cater to a broader spectrum of business needs.

How long does an audit typically take?

Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, sc0red conducts audits in just a few seconds. Our automated processes ensure that you receive swift, efficient, and accurate results, minimizing downtime and accelerating your business decisions.

What should I do if I disagree with an audit result?

At sc0red, we stand by the rigor of our audits but also understand the importance of precision. If you disagree with an audit result, we offer a straightforward appeal process where your documentation is reviewed by a human expert to ensure every assessment meets our standards of accuracy and fairness.

How does sc0red address potential inaccuracies known as 'hallucinations' in AI-generated content?

We rigorously test our platform to ensure reliability and accuracy. While no system can guarantee the complete absence of AI hallucinations, at sc0red, we empower our clients to amend any such rare occurrences with their validated inputs, ensuring the final audit reflects true and accurate information.

What if I find the content generated by sc0red's AI to be particularly insightful?

We're glad when clients appreciate our AI-generated insights! If our content meets your expectations or captures the essence of what you need, you can quickly adopt it, further speeding up the audit process and integrating intelligent, AI-driven insights seamlessly into your operations.

What happens to my data after the audit is completed?

Protecting your privacy is a top priority at sc0red. We ensure that all data provided during the audit process is securely destroyed once the audit is complete, maintaining the highest standards of data integrity and confidentiality.

How does sc0red keep its algorithm up-to-date with market changes?

sc0red is committed to continuous improvement. We regularly update our algorithms by integrating feedback from our valued customers, consultations with our advisory board, and insights from our expert network to stay ahead of market dynamics and maintain our leadership in providing cutting-edge assessments.

How does sc0red ensure the impartiality of its assessments against bias?

sc0red upholds the highest standards of fairness in its assessments. All content generated by our AI is independently reviewed for bias by a third-party platform, ensuring that our audits are not only advanced but also impartial and equitable.

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